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Welcome to the website of the Elivesto Group

Our businesses cover a variety of industrial related products, services and industries. We are convinced that we will have the answer to your questions and will fulfill your technical needs. Our aim is to provide you with a WORLD OF SOLUTIONS, yours to pick.

Please be invited to find out more about The Elivesto Group and our business units.

Elivesto Group is committed to developing a positive pro-active health and safety culture. We believe that an excellent company is by definition a safe company. Minimising risk to people and property is inseparable from other company objectives. Our health and safety management are based upon a risk assessed approach to job tasks, which in turn are supported by controlled methodical systems that are designed to eliminate or minimise risk. We provide training and supervision to ensure our staff has the necessary skills and up to date knowledge in safe working practices.

Please advise the Elivesto Group Mission Statement for more information.

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Elivesto Group secures that all business activities and related services of it’s business units fully comply with the group policy as mentioned in our Mission Statement.



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